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Jul 21 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books That Celebrate Diversity/Diverse Characters

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books That Celebrate Diversity/Diverse Characters


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
This week’s topic:Books That Celebrate Diversity

One constant that you can depend upon is the overpopulation of straight white characters in any media – books, TV, radio. Sad to say, cis white dominates the market.

Social media has rallied and set up quite a few wonderful awareness tags and discussions to invite more diversity into the field. YA writers and readers have responded very positively to the movement, and even though we have a lot of growing to do still, I have seen an influx of diversity into the market. Today, Kara and I highlight the top ten books that celebrate …

Jul 20 2015

Book Review: A History of Glitter and Blood

Book Review: A History of Glitter and Blood

This book is going to be one of the hardest books to review, ever. I am very well aware that Moskowitz’s style is extremely macabre, to say the least. Teeth was one of the most horrifying books I have ever read. However, that isn’t saying that her work should be ignored or skipped over due to content.

Don’t run from this one!

There is always something a little different and very unique about her stories and her narration. Her novels always remind me of the creepy, yet highly insightful, cartoons of the 80s.

A History of Glitter and Blood is difficult to review for the one fact that I didn’t enjoy it, but I respected the implications and the deeper message behind the story. …

Jul 03 2015

Epic Recs Review: I Am the Messenger

Epic Recs Review: I Am the Messenger

This was a great Epic Recs pick by Pixie. I read and loved The Book Thief, and I have wanted to pick up more books by this author.

I was fully expecting to love this one. I read 90% of it all in one sitting, and I can’t deny that the book is engaging. Sadly, there was a lot of good things about the novel, but it was all overshadowed by a huge problem, a cancer with today’s books: rape culture.

On a positive note, I was a huge fan of how the author portrayed Ed: a cowardly, everyday guy who was living his life, denying the undercurrent of unhappiness in his existence. His best relationship was with his dog, The Doorman …

May 15 2015

Book Review: Black Iris

Book Review: Black Iris

Today, Jessie from Ageless Pages Reviews is joining us for a group review of Black Iris. Jessie is a wonderful blogger, and her insight was refreshing for an otherwise hard to review novel.

Lyn: I have to admit, this is my first New Adult novel, and I have been very excited to read this author’s writing.  Everyone gushes over her style, and I can see why it is a big hit.  Is this anyone else’s first NA novel?

Jessie: This was my first official NA read! I pretty much have refused to recognize NA as a label or a genre or anything. Buuuuut… it’s Leah Raeder. She has built a strong fanbase and I do love pretty prose…

Kara: Definitely …

Apr 29 2015

Book Review: All the Rage

Book Review: All the Rage

Hello Readers!

Today on the blog, Kara and Lyn are reviewing All the Rage as a team, because some novels just need to be discussed and examined instead of simply reviewed. The content of the story and some of the topics may be difficult for some readers. Trigger warning: rape.

Lyn: So, damn, this book. I’ve read Summer’s books before, but this one is, by far, the best!

Kara: I liked it a lot, but for some reason, I always have an emotional disconnect to her work. It was the same thing with This is Not a Test too. Like I really LOVE her writing and the topics she covers, but something seems to be missing for me. And I …

Feb 04 2015

Take Back the Booksphere: How The Book Community is one of the Best on Earth

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