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May 15 2015

Book Review: Black Iris

Book Review: Black Iris

Today, Jessie from Ageless Pages Reviews is joining us for a group review of Black Iris. Jessie is a wonderful blogger, and her insight was refreshing for an otherwise hard to review novel.

Lyn: I have to admit, this is my first New Adult novel, and I have been very excited to read this author’s writing.  Everyone gushes over her style, and I can see why it is a big hit.  Is this anyone else’s first NA novel?

Jessie: This was my first official NA read! I pretty much have refused to recognize NA as a label or a genre or anything. Buuuuut… it’s Leah Raeder. She has built a strong fanbase and I do love pretty prose…

Kara: Definitely …

Apr 29 2015

Book Review: All the Rage

Book Review: All the Rage

Hello Readers!

Today on the blog, Kara and Lyn are reviewing All the Rage as a team, because some novels just need to be discussed and examined instead of simply reviewed. The content of the story and some of the topics may be difficult for some readers. Trigger warning: rape.

Lyn: So, damn, this book. I’ve read Summer’s books before, but this one is, by far, the best!

Kara: I liked it a lot, but for some reason, I always have an emotional disconnect to her work. It was the same thing with This is Not a Test too. Like I really LOVE her writing and the topics she covers, but something seems to be missing for me. And I …

Feb 04 2015

Take Back the Booksphere: How The Book Community is one of the Best on Earth

Take Back the Booksphere: How The Book Community is one of the Best on Earth

Guess what happened at the start of the year? Drama. Guess what disrupted our lives and took over our conversations and our time? Drama. What happened last year? Drama drama drama.


Book bloggers are getting some shade thrown in our direction due to some poor, immoral and illegal decisions made by others. When something new crops up, when another heated battle comes to a head, when another issue is taken out of context, the validity and reputation of bloggers and their websites are yet again shoved to the forefront of the argument.

Here is where I draw the line. I’m taking back my community, the place I love, and the place that made me who I am today.

Today, I am singing the …

Jan 25 2015

What Made Me the Reader I am Today

What Made Me the Reader I am Today

Not too long ago, a friend of mine shared a post on her blog in a discussion asking her followers to share their experiences about what it was that really made them become the readers they are today. Because as you know, many of us in this community are heavy readers—heavier than the ‘average’ reader one might meet on the streets that say they read “some” and she shared her own story as well. It was Lili from Lili’s Reflections and you can find the post, as well as the numerous comments and other stories in response to hers, at this link.

After a lot of thought, I wanted to share mine, too. And I thank …

Jan 21 2015

Imaginative Discussion: Lyn’s 2014 Reading Data

Imaginative Discussion: Lyn’s 2014 Reading Data

Last year, Debby at Snuggly Oranges wrote a beautiful post about her 2013 reading trends, and included data in the form of charts and graphs.

I was instantly in love with her idea, and I quickly adopted her idea for my 2014 reading.

I love reflecting on my own reading trends. I am very excited to compare 2014 to 2015, when it comes time. If I ever have the extra time to actually sit down and do it, I would love to place 2010 to 2013 in an excel format and compare everything year by year.

Back on track now. I have my 2014 stats ready, and some of the things I found were expected, while others are surprising.

Lyn’s 2014 Reading Data

Number …

Dec 22 2014

Interview + Giveaway: Stranger

Interview + Giveaway: Stranger

Hey y’all! I have something that is beyond amazing today! Last year, I got word of a LGBTQ YA novel releasing with Sherwood Smith as a collaborator. I left an excited message on the LiveJournal page asking to be kept in the loop about the project.

Fast forward to 2014, and low and behold, Stranger is now published and available! I purchased the novel and read it right away. The other part of the writing duo, Rachel Manija Brown, agreed to do an interview to promote and feature the new novel.

Today, Brown and Smith are taking over Great Imaginations to answer some very riveting questions about the novel, the characters, and the message behind the first book in their new series.


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